The Question:

What is your most prized possession? A "prized possession" is something, like a doll or toy, that means more to you than anything else you own. Why is it so important to you?

Here are some responces!

Name: Timothy
Answer: "My most prized possession is my family. I have two loving parents and one older brother. My parents teach me right from wrong and make sure I'm safe and healthy. I look up to my brother and enjoy playing together."

Name: Wesley
Answer: "I have a model. It is a F-14 Tomcat. It is special to me because it is my first model ever."

Name: Susan
Answer: "Poems of My Life by Helen Stets Melix
A book of poetry written by my father's mother, signed by my father. My grandmother was so special in my life. I relate to the magic that grandmas create in our lives. Her book was dedicated to the old homestead. She wrote a poem for each of her nine children, and their childhood pictures are included in the format. My favorite poem is Montana, the Indian Maid. It is so important to me because anytime I need to feel her presence, all I need to do is "listen" to her words. It is important to connect my life to her's because those of us who connect our beginnings to our ends shall never die. The end is just the beginning of a story to be told, or a quilt to once again unfold."

Name: Caitlin
Answer: "My most prized possesion is my purple bunny. It is because my mom got it in Houston and we don't go there often. Also, because purple is my favorite color. It's really soft and it reminds me of all my family in Houston."

Name: Ceili
Answer: "My Bible is my most prized possession because it is God's Word. In it, we can learn about God. It promises that He always loves us and protects us."

Name: Joshua
Answer: "My most prized possession is a pin with a flower on it. It is very pretty. It is important to me because it was my grandma's."

Name: Nicky
Answer: "My most prized possession is a necklace that has been in our family for years. It belonged to my grandmother, she gave it to my mom.My mom is going to give it to me."

Name: Johnny
Answer: "My most prized possession is a golden Babe Ruth card, that my dad gave me. I want to give it to my son or daughter when I grow up."

Name: Deborah
Answer; "My most prized possessions are my relationships, with my children, my best friend and with all the wonderful teachers that I teach with every day. Of course, I can't forget my beautiful hard-working students either. So even though I "possess" great wealth in these relationships; the wealth cannot be measured in dollars and cents!"

Name: Casey
Answer: "My most favorite thing is my cat. He comes to me when I call him and he follows me when I ride my bike. His name is Snickers. My cat is my friend."