My Dears,


I am sending out a national call for any and all schools and districts that would like to have me come for a school visit.

if there is interest that you know of, please give them the following number of my studio.

Thanks so much!



517 741 5019

Here's my new contact info:

517 741 5019

Want to book Patricia Polacco for your school or conference?


Here is all you have to do:

Call Patricia's corporate offices at (517) 741-5019 or and leave your name and number and we will contact you in a timely manner!


The appearance includes:


    Three assemblies

    Book signing for teachers

    Book plates for students


The assemblies consist of family stories, the real keeping quilt is brought for the children to see.

She also brings a piece of the meteorite that landed on her family farm. We also suggest a questions and answers period and, upon request, we offer a writing seminar for children or a special presentation for teachers and parents.


If your venue is a distance away, it is suggested that you try to get your district to include several schools. This way, all of the schools share in travel, lodging, food, and honorarium.

Please let us hear from you, she is anxious to appear at your school!

Patricia Polacco was born on July 11th, 1944 in Lansing, Michigan. Her mother’s family were Jewish immigrants from Russia and The Ukraine. Her father's people were from The County of Limerick in Ireland. Both cultures valued and kept their history alive by storytelling.



Patricia is the mother of two grown children; Steven, a tenured professor at Dominican University in San Rafael, California. And a daughter, Traci who has made a career in the medical field and also lives in California. Patricia lives on her farm estate in Union City, Michigan.


Patricia has earned a Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. in Art and Art History. She has studied in the U.S., England, France, Russia and Australia. She is a guest lecturer in many universities and has been awarded numerous honorary degrees in Arts and Letters. She has a distinguished record as an international advocate for the rights of children. She has also established literary and art courses of study for young people both nationally and internationally. She has traveled extensively to Russia and has established an art camp in Losovough which thrives today. She has been honored by heads of state both at the Kremlin and the White House.


She is a member of the National First Amendment Rights Coalition and has fought tirelessly for this cause. She is also known as a champion of classroom teachers in our country, a cause sharpened by her association with Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut as a guest author and artist in residence. The tragic loss of both members of the faculty as well as children on December 14th, 2012 affected her life profoundly. The shock of this event caused her to collapse, be hospitalized and undergo open heart surgery to save her life. The grief of this set her on a path of establishing a series of lectures designed to raise the awareness of the plight of our classroom teachers as well as encouraging students to reach out to each other and include those who are perceived to be "different". She has also designed an anti bullying campaign that has earned her national recognition. Patricia conducts school visits all over the country. She is known as a natural storyteller and is highly praised for her work with people of all ages.


To date she has written and illustrated over 115 books for children,. She is also a playwright and is in the process of penning for adults. She is a much sought after lecturer and keynote speaker and is considered one of the most inspiring speakers of our time.







1988 Sydney Taylor Award, Association of Jewish Librarians KEEPING QUILT

1989 International Reading Association: Best Picture Book of the Year: RECHENKA'S EGGS

1990 Commonwealth Club of California Award- BABUSHKA’S DOLL

1990-1996 Author's Hall of Fame, California Council of Teachers BODY OF WORK.

1991 Parents Choice Honor SOME BIRTHDAY

1992 Golden Kite Award- Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Best Picture Book CHICKEN SUNDAY

1992 Commonwealth Club of California Award- CHICK SUNDAY

1992 Sacramento Capital Video Award- Best Video- KEEPING QUILT

1992 Educators for Social Responsibility in Children's Literature Responsible Author's Award- BODY OF WORK

1993 Jane Adams Honor Award- Women's International League for Peace and Freedom MRS. KATZ AND TUSH

1993 Parents Choice Audio Award MRS. KATZ AND TUSH

1994 President’s Commendation Medal CHICKEN SUNDAY AND PINK AND SAY

1994 Parents Choice Award Best Book PINK AND SAY

1995 Bank Street College of Education, The Irma and James H. Black Book Award PINK AND SAY

1995 Jefferson Cup Award PINK AND SAY

1995 Best Book of the year New York State Association of Educators and Librarians PINK AND SAY

1995 American Book of the Year Award -American Booksellers PINK AND SAY

1995 BABRA Award 10 best books of the year PINK AND SAY

1995 New York Times Pick of the best of the year PINK AND SAY

1996 California Children's Book Award PINK ANT SAY

1996 David McCord Children's Literature Citation and Award, IRA -BODY OF WORK

1996 Picked as best children's book of the year in the following states: California ,Oregon, Washington, Texas, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota Wyoming, Wisconsin, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico

Arkansas, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania, North Caroline, South Carolina, Missouri, Arizona, Iowa, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia PINK AND SAY

1996 Colorado Association of Reading Award: PINK AND SAY

1996 North Dakota Library Association Award: MY ROTTON RED HEADED OLDER BROTHER

1996 Flicker Tale Children's Book Award: MY ROTTON RED HEADED OLDER BROTHER

1996 Jo Osbourne Award for humor in Children's Literature -BODY OF WORK

1996 - The Marquis Who's Who Publication Board Award -PINK AND SAY

1997 - West Virginia Children's Book Award - PINK AND SAY

1997 - Parents Choice , Video Award - THE DREAM KEEPER

1997 - Show Me Award- Missouri - MY ROTTEN RED HEADED OLDER BROTHER

1998 - Humpty Dumpty Award- Mid South Independent Booksellers for Children -BODY OF WORK

1998 - Story Book Award - THANK YOU MR. FALKER

1999 - Gold Award - THANK YOU MR. FALKER

1999- Association of Educators of Dyslexic and Learning Disabled Readers, Best Book - THANK YOU MR.. FALKER

1999 - Educators for Social Responsibility Award - THANK YOU MR. FALKER

2000 - Honor - Storytelling World Awards - Tellable Stories-ages 13-17; WELCOME COMFORT

2001 - Parents Choice award Luba and the Wren 2003 - Pennsylvania Young Readers Medal- best book - The Butterfly

2003 - Murphy School Award- best book- Mr. Lincoln's Way

2003 - Young Readers Award - Christmas Tapestry

2003 - Best of Year Award - top 10 list Detroit Free Press -Christmas Tapestry

2003 - Best Illustrated list- Detroit Free Press - G. is for Goat

2004- Author of the Year Award- Patricia Polacco-Michigan Reading Association

2005- California Young Readers Medal - Mr. Lincoln's Way

2005- Michigan Reading Association - Year's notable book list-An Orange for Frankie

2003- New York Times Best Seller- Parents Choice Award -Tho Gr Family

2005- RIF Selection - The Art of Reading - Citation award

2007- New York Times Best Seller- Ginger and Petunia

2007- Parents Choice Citation - American Cancer Society - The Lemonade Club

2008-New York Times - Readable books Citation -For the Love of Autumn

2009- Notable Books Award-National Coalition for the rights of Gays and Lesbians In Our Mother's House

2010-Notable Book Award-Michigan Reading Association - January's Sparrow

2011- Notable Books Award and Citation-Association of Librarians,Washington D.C. Just In Time , Abraham Lincoln

2012- Body of Work-The Lab School-Washington D.C.- awarded by the President of the United States.

2012- The Regina Medal - National Association of Catholic Librarians for Continued Contribution of Children’s Literature

2013- The Library of Congress and the President of the US awarded PINK AND SAY one of the best books written for children in the past 100 years

2014- Sydney Taylor Award The Keeping Quilt (20th Anniversary Edition)

2015- Sydney Taylor Award-The Blessing Cup

2015- The Blessing Cup awarded Author’s Medal by Midland Authors

2015- New York Times Best Seller List The Blessing Cup

2016- Tucky Jo and Little Heart was selected as the 2016 Comstock Read Aloud Honor Book



  • Because of Thursday
  • The Mermaid's Purse
  • Fiona's Lace
  • An A From Miss Keller
  • Tucky Jo and Little Heart
  • Mr. Wayne's Masterpiece
  • Clara and Davie
  • Gifts of the Heart
  • The Blessing Cup
  • Bully
  • The Art of Miss Chew
  • Bun Bun Button
  • Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln
  • The Junkyard Wonders
  • January's Sparrow
  • In Our Mother's House
  • Someone for Mr. Sussman
  • For the Love of Autumn
  • The Lemonade Club
  • Ginger and Petunia
  • Something About Hensley's
  • Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare
  • Emma Kate
  • Mommies Say Shhh
  • An Orange for Frankie
  • John Philip Duck
  • Oh Look!
  • The Graves Family
  • "G" is for Goat
  • Christmas Tapestry
  • When Lightning Comes in a Jar
  • Mr. Lincoln's Way
  • Betty Doll
  • The Butterfly
  • Luba and the Wren
  • Welcome Comfort
  • Mrs. MacK
  • Thank You, Mr. Falker
  • In Enzo's Splendid Gardens
  • The Trees of the Dancing Goats
  • I Can Hear the Sun : A Modern Myth
  • Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair
  • Babushka's Mother Goose
  • Babushka's Doll
  • My Ol' Man
  • My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother
  • Pink and Say
  • Tikvah Means Hope
  • Babushka Baba Yaga
  • The Bee Tree
  • Picnic at Mudsock Meadow
  • Mrs. Katz and Tush
  • Chicken Sunday
  • Some Birthday!
  • Appelemando's Dreams
  • Uncle Vova's Tree
  • Just Plain Fancy
  • Boat Ride With Lillian Two Blossom
  • Thunder Cake
  • The Keeping Quilt
  • Casey at the Bat
  • Rechenka's Eggs
  • Meteor!